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The island

Thassos, one of the most beautiful Greek islands is located in the Northern Aegean Sea, 12 miles south of the city of Kavala and 6 miles away from Keramoti harbour.
The legend has it that when Zeus kidnapped Europe, her brother "Thassos" was exhausted of trying to find her sister and went to the island to rest. This is where the island took its name from
The island is full of endless beauties. 70% of the island is rich in vegetation and pine - trees are all over. One can easily see the reflection of the forests on the sea surface.
Thassos' highest point is Ipsarion mountain (1.117m), its overall size is 380 square kilometres and the length of the beaches is 108 km, most of which are easily accessible.
One of the island's most beautiful sights is the Michail Archangel monastery, in which the Archangel is seen as really suspended over the sea. The monastery is located between Aliki and Astris villages.
Thassos has a rich soil and subsoil. Olive trees and vineyards are very common throughout the island and make distinguished olive oil and the famous from ancient years Thassos wine respectively. Also famous are the Thassos conserves with nuts, figs, oranges, etc. The residents are employed in apiculture, farming, cattle raining and fishing.
The island's subsoil has many minerals, which are known from ancient years. Herodotus has written about the silver and gold mines, which were located in Kinira and Enira (the village which is now known as Potamia).
World famous are Thassos marbles, which are of excellent quality. Civilisations that flourished in the past have left their signs in the Thassos land. Remains of the ancient Thassos civilisation are can mainly be found at Limenas - the capital. The ancient market, the ancient theatre, the Selinos gate and the Zeus and Ira gates are only a portion of them. Also located at Limenas is the antiquities museum, while the Aliki ancient theatre is equally worth mentioning.
Every summer, the Borough of Thassos organises a variety of cultural events throughout the whole of the island. sland. sland. sland. sland. sland. sland. sland.
Regular public transport is available to get you in any place the visitor may wish. Come and explore Thassos' secrets.

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